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Become A Thrive Indianapolis Ambassador

The City seeks to engage all members of our community in the Thrive Indianapolis Planning Process. WE NEED YOUR HELP! From surveys to mapping exercises, trivia to trainings, we have something for everyone. Check out the materials below to start a conversation with your organization, friends, family, and neighbors about what it means to create healthy, happy, resilient neighborhoods in Indianapolis and throughout Marion County. Be sure to let us know how it goes by sending an email with results to



Through the link below you can download all the materials you need to learn about and teach others about Thrive Indianapolis.



At the Sustainability Summit, the Thrive Indianapolis Team presented a unique way to engage folks on resilience through mapping. Here are all the materials you need to run through this exercise with your friends and neighbors

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Game of Floods

Created by community planners, the Game of Floods is an interactive way to learn about the tough decisions that have to be made to create a more resilient community. Play the game with your friends!



Many of you had a blast while learning about Indy's Sustainability efforts at our April 25th Event! Now everyone can play trivia!


Preparedness Training

Extreme weather events have become a reality for much of the country. Indianapolis is no exception. This training is one way we can start thinking about how to be prepared.